Windows 7 End of Life: is your business ready?

On 14th of January 2020, Windows 7 will go end of life. Devices running on Windows 7 need to be upgraded to Windows 10 to ensure security, often at a high cost for businesses. 
Instead, switch your legacy devices into secure, flexible, fast & easy to manage Chrome OS devices. 
Make sure your business isn't at risk of hackers & malware. Empower your workforce. Take the opportunity of Windows End of Life to implement Chromebooks, freeing up your IT department & delighting your end users.

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Windows 7 End Of Life alternatives

With Chrome devices, your IT department is set free from the daily IT headaches of just managing endpoints. Chrome OS ensures fast and seamless access to information and cloud-based tools for your employees. All while keeping your business safe in the Cloud.

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Turn your legacy Windows devices into secure, fast Chrome devices

Investing in completely new devices is often impossible with given IT budgets. Instead, give a second life to your Windows devices by turning them into secure Chrome devices running on Chrome OS.


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Chromebooks are Cloud-native devices that run on Chrome OS. They come with all the business capabilities of Chrome OS built-in, allowing IT to deploy, orchestrate and power end users securely and effectively from anywhere. 

Benefits of Chrome Enterprise & Chromebooks for your business



Easy to manage
Cost effective

Savings for your business
with Chrome


Return on investment*

3 hours

Saved per device for workers each week

$477 K

In IT management cost savings*

* These numbers reflect the total benefits over a three year period - commissioned Total Economic Impact™ study by Forrester Consulting

Interested in more numbers about the results of switching to Chrome OS or Chromebooks for businesses?
Get the full Forrester report here!

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What Our Customers Say about Chrome Enterprise

That's the best thing IT has ever done for us


That big pile of broken Windows laptops in the help-desk office is gone, and support calls have fallen by 75 percent—people only call about very minor issues. Costs have gone down as well: We’re seeing substantial savings by switching from Windows laptops to Chromebooks.

Seosamh McMahon, Enterprise Architect at Ervia