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As a certified Google Cloud Premier partner, Devoteam G Cloud walks you through the assessment, planning, migration & optimisation of your VM Migration to Google Cloud.

Migration Path to the Cloud

A migration is a journey. You are at point A with your existing infrastructure and environments, and you want to reach point Z. 
The following roadmap illustrates the path of this migration journey to the Cloud.

Roadmap VM Migration - Assess


Gather information about the workloads you want to migrate and their current runtime environment. Analyse your IT landscape, and decide which applications you want to move first.

Perform a thorough assessment and analysis of your existing environment. This way you will understand your app and environment inventory, identify app dependencies and requirements. In the assess phase you calculate the total cost of ownership and establish app performance benchmarks. 

Roadmap VM Migration -  Plan


Determine which migration strategies you will use, consider a streaming-based solution, and test the performance of your applications in the Cloud.

The focus in the phase is to create the basic cloud infrastructure for your workloads. Plan which apps you will and how. This planning includes several key elements:

  • Identity management
  • Organisation and project structure
  • Networking
  • Sorting your apps
  • Developing a prioritised migration strategy

Building a foundation of critical configurations and services is an evolving process so make sure there is room for changes. 

Roadmap VM Migration - Deploy


It's time to migrate to the cloud. Use a phased, agile approach to be able to revert back to the on-premises configuration if necessary.

Design, implement and execute the deployment process to move workloads to Google Cloud. To deal with new needs, you might also have to refine your cloud infrastructure.

During the deployment process you probably will have to refine your process & revisit the foundation of your environment. New needs can arise as you become more proficient with the new cloud environment, platforms, services, and tools. Take into account how much automation and flexibility you need

Roadmap VM Migration - Optimize


Refine your cloud environment to align usage with demand. In this phase you implement capabilities like cost controls & governance tools.

Take full advantage of cloud-native technologies and capabilities to expand your organisation's potential  in terms of performance, scalability, disaster recovery, costs & training. Optimize your organisation by going one step further with machine learning and artificial intelligence integrations for your app.

Complete every step of this path to make sure every key milestone on your journey to the Cloud is successfully implemented. 

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