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Discover how to work from anywhere using the Google tools.

How to organise remote work for your workforce with Google Workspace ?

We are experts in remote work, collaboration and communication. On this page we share our knowledge, experience and tips that will help you stay on top of things from the comfort of your own home.

Google Meet

Working remotely has become the new reality for a lot of businesses today and the current situation raises many questions and concerns:

  • How to you ensure the productivity of your teams
  • How to rapidly deploy the right tools to distributed employees
  • How to stay connected and ensure business continuity

With Devoteam’s 10+ years of Google Workspace experience helping 3000+ companies, we are uniquely positioned to help you and your teams work from home. 

Video conferencing

Video conferencing from anywhere, from any device in the Cloud is possible with the Google Meet application within Google Workspace.

Start a video meeting in one click, and meet your colleagues, customers or partners face to face via video in your browser. Or easily start or join a video meeting via Google Calendar.

Say goodbye to complicated video conferencing systems, say hi to Google Meet!

Discover the ultimate video experience with Google Meet

Document collaboration

Working together with colleagues, customers or partners in a document, sheet or presentation? With Google Workspace, you can collaborate in real-time and from any device in Google Docs, Sheets or Slides!

Documents are safely stored in the Google Cloud via Google Drive, where you can easily share them. 

Shared Drives in Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) subscriptions allows for even more security, with advanced sharing of files and documents within your organisation and externally with advanced control functionalities.

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Remote Productivity Hub

Even though remote work is a widespread trend in today’s business, many managers and employees still struggle with ovecoming daily challenges. Our Digital Workplace experts have some tips for you, check them out below 


5 Tips on more efficient working from home with Google

Use these 5 tips from Digital Workplace Customer Success Manager Julie Dockx to improve your productivity and efficiency while working remotely with the Google tools in Google Workspace. Watch the video or read the transcript on our blog.

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Work Anywhere Tips

Working from home Tips from your new Virtual Assistant

Available via the Google Assistant on your smartphone or smart speaker like Google Home or Nest, the 'Work Anywhere Tips' virtual assistant is available 24/7 to give you tips on how to work better from home or from anywhere.

The tips and tricks to work better from home are meant to help you to increase your productivity in this teleworking situation. They are crafted by the Digital Workplace expert team of Devoteam G Cloud. Every day, the Work Anywhere Tips bot will give you a brand new tip. You can also choose to hear or read more tips immediately. Topics that are covered include video conferencing, collaboration tools, but also tips on how to stay healthy. 

Read more about the Work Anywhere Tips bot and on how you can use it on our blog!

Discover the Work Anywhere Tips bot

Elevate the Remote Experience for your Employees

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On-demand Webinars

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