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G Hack 2023

This physical event will take place on Wednesday, March 29, 2023 

Terms and Conditions

The G Hack Contest is open to residents of Belgium, Spain, Sweden, France, Netherlands, Germany, and Portugal.

G Hack by Devoteam G Cloud (“Hackathon”, “Competition”, “G Hack Contest”) is a hackathon
competition sponsored by Devoteam G Cloud and scheduled for March 29th, 2023  (the “Competition Period”) and is open to eligible individuals who are duly registered to participate and who strictly comply with these terms and conditions. Your participation in the Hackathon constitutes your acceptance of all of the general terms contained in this document (the “Official Rules” or “general terms”), which you have accepted by sending your participation request.

The G Hack is scheduled to be held on Wednesday March 29th, 2023 where participants will be asked to solve a challenge using their own computer equipment and materials.

Devoteam G Cloud reserves the right to suspend, postpone and/or cancel the event at any time (including after the beginning of the event), without prior notice, at its sole discretion and without compensation of any kind to the participant. Devoteam G Cloud’s decision to suspend, postpone and/or cancel the event may be notified by any means and may not be held liable for such a decision and any and all related consequences. 

This hackathon is for developers who love to tink, build, debug, try new code and for those who love to share their passion for coding. 

Participants will solve 5 exciting challenges in Networking, Kubernetes and DevOps, Machine Learning, Data, and Serverless. 

  • Kubernetes and DevOps - Defend against the Chaos Monkey
    Build a Kubernetes and DevOps environment which can survive the Chaos Monkey’s tricks and attacks
  • Machine Learning - Predict the future of football
    Predict scores based on historical data and test how accurate you are!
  • Data - Transformer, actions in disguise
    Extract, transform, and load data to unveil the hidden clues
  • Serverless - Unlock the chain
    Utilize the power of serverless technology to unlock an encryption chain
  • Networking - Who is the attacker ?
    Engineer a networking environment that you can secure, identify and pinpoint attacks from inside and outside your network

In small teams of 2 to 3 coders, G Hackers will choose which challenges they want to solve to reach the maximum amount of points. Every challenge is worth up to 10 points. As the time will be ticking, they will have to choose which challenges they want to solve in 3 hours.

G Hackers will be able to submit each challenge multiple times.


The Competition is open to Enterprise developers, Gaming developers, Data scientists, Cloud
engineers, Developers, Data engineers, Software Engineers, Machine Learning Engineers, as well as young computer science graduates and students. Those who are skilled and interested in Kubernetes, AI/ML, containerization cloud, serverless, application development, scaling, docker, and IoT are encouraged to participate as well.

Employees of Devoteam G Cloud and/or the judges, along with their immediate family
members (spouses, siblings, children, and parents) and those living in the same household
(whether or not related) are not eligible to enter. Participants must be at least 18 years of age, and be a person residing in the participating country.